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Get Paid to Watch TV!

If you’ve been looking for easy ways to make real money, chances are you’ve heard about the Viggle app. It’s available on Android, Windows and Apple devices. Well, I’ve been using it for years and it actually works. You can earn up to 12,000 points a day by watching TV and listening to music! It’s a lot simpler than you think.


Here’s how to maximize those points and earn money:


1. Watching TV

You get one point for each minute you watch a TV show. If you watch shows like Big Brother or other specials, you can get 6x, 10x or even 14x points. You get these points by watching live but you can watch these up to 5 days after and still receive the bonus points! The best part about this is that you don’t have to watch the show. You can just check in and get points. For example, I just checked into a show while I’m writing this post. I’m gaining points and I don’t even have to watch. You only have to check into the episode once. If you check in at the beginning, you’ll get points for the whole show. If you check it in halfway through, you’ll get points for the last half of the show.


2. Watching Videos

While you’re checked into TV?movie shows, you can watch video advertisements in the app. You get 20 points for these and they are about 15 seconds long. I don’t actually watch them. I just click and let the points rack up. Sometimes, there will be a sponsored ad like Clorox and you can get 250 or 300 points!


3. Listen to music

You get 100 points for each new song you listen to. You can listen to 20 point-eligible songs a day. That’s 2,000 points a day. What I do is put my iPod on shuffle and put it next to my phone with the Viggle app. It takes a second to pick up the song and then i get points. Then I hit next 19 more times. Takes 2 or 3 minutes and these are very easy points to get. You can also buy songs through the app. For 2000-3500 points, you can get a song for iTunes for free!


4. Use multiple devices

You can have up to 4 devices, I think, for one account. I use my iPhone and iPod. I check in to a show on both and get double points. Use your phone, iPod, tablet, etc.


5. Use

Wetpaint and Viggle have partnered so you watch videos (50 points) or look at pictures (10 points) and they automatically go into your Viggle account. I haven’t found a limit yet so I just hit replay on the video. The videos are very short but it’s very easy to gain points!


Download the Viggle App!


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