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Beauty Review: goPURE Naturals Argan Oil

FTC Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for a honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.

When I came across the opportunity to review goPURE Naturals Argan Oil, I was excited.

  • I had not previously used Argan Oil
  • I had heard about the many benefits
  • I had never used a goPURE Naturals product before but I am always on the lookout for brands that don’t test on animals!

Here are some pictures of my initial opening of the goPURE Argan oil:
goPURE Naturals 100% Argan Oil
goPURE Naturals 100% Argan Oil Safety Seal
A Freckled Mess
goPURE Naturals 100% Argan Oil


What did I use it for?

  • I used the goPURE Naturals Argan Oil to condition my hair. My hair texture is curly/wavy and my color is Strawberry Blonde. It left my hair feeling softer than most conditioners I have used. I have medium length, thick hair so I used about 5 drops. The bottle recommends 2-3 but I would say more if you have exceptionally long or thick hair. They also recommend leaving it in for 30 minutes. I decided to leave it in for about 15 minutes. Below are some pictures before my hair dried and after (1 day later, not brushed and without other products).
  • I also used it on my face as a moisturizer. Apply makeup after the Argan Oil absorbs! Allow it to absorb for 3 minutes, sometimes 5 depending on the amount you apply. Then apply your makeup. Yay! Now you have glowing skin 🙂
goPURE Naturals Review
My hair before (drying) after I washed with Argan Oil.
My hair dried after using goPURE 100% Naturals Argan Oil.


What was the overall result of using the goPURE Naturals 100% Argan Oil on my hair?

  • My hair was softer than most conditioners allow
  • My hair smelled good
  • My hair was 50 times less frizzier than before. My hair is usually very frizzy due to having curly hair and living in the south where temperatures are often humid.

What were the pros of using the goPURE Naturals Argan Oil?

  • Leaves hair soft
  • De-frizzes hair
  • Has a nice yet subtle smell
  • NOT tested on animal (yay!)
  • It’s an extremely versatile product
  • It has no additives. It is truly 100% Argan Oil from the Kingdom of Morocco

What were the cons of using the goPURE Naturals Argan Oil?

  • I did not experience any cons. If you have never used oil as a moisturizer or conditioner, I recommend starting with a small amount. Any oil can leave your hair, face or elsewhere looking and feeling oily when you use too much. Experiment and figure out what amount works best for you!

What are some different uses for goPURE Naturals Argan Oil?

  • Hair conditioner for softer and healthier hair
  • Facial moisturizer for a natural glow and healthier skin
  • Skin moisturizer to combat dry skin
  • Can help reduce inflammation from acne, rashes and bug bites
  • It can help improve the elasticity of skin, lessening the effect of stretch marks
  • Can soothe and heal razor bumps and razor burns
  • Can protect hair against the heat of hair dryers, curling wands and other heat stylers
  • Can heal cracked lips and prevent chapped lips in the wintertime
  • Moisturize cuticles and nails
  • Can be used as a exfoliating scrub (mix with vanilla extract and brown sugar)

Why buy goPURE Naturals Argan Oil over another brand?

  • it’s 100% Argan oil (contains no additives, only Argan oil)
  • it’s not tested on animals
  • it’s affordable. Some companies charge $40-$50 for Argan Oil! I promise this is just as good.

How much does goPURE Naturals Argan Oil cost?

You can buy it from Amazon or the goPure Naturals website.

  • goPURE Naturals $15.95 As soon as you head to their site, you can sign up for their free newsletter and receive a $10 coupon! Then, you can buy it for $5.95 on their website. That’s a great deal.
  • Amazon $14.95 You can also score it on Amazon for $14.95, free shipping with Prime!

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