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Health Review: OxyRub Pain Relief Cream + 20% Discount!

FTC Disclosure: This is a sponsored post . I received the OxyRub Pain Relief for free from Healthy Directions through Brandbacker to review. All opinions are my own and based on my personal use with this product. All photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review
Photo of OxyRub Pain Relief Cream tube
OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review
Back of the OxyRub Pain Relief Cream tube

What type of pain do you suffer from?

My family has a long history of health problems. Although I am a young college student, I suffer from knee pain, back pain and the beginnings of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). Often, I am riddled with a swollen knee, sharp pain in my fingers and awful back pain. When I was a young child, I broke my tailbone and I have suffered from daily back pain ever since. I can’t sit on hard surfaces or in certain positions. My back begs me to stay in bed.

What methods of pain relief have you use before?

Previous methods to relieve my pain include heat packs, IcyHot patches and Aleve. It has been a constant struggle to try and ease my pain. When I got the opportunity to review OxyRub, I was elated. And I still am.

I was a bit skeptical as to weather it would work after trying so many “solutions”. But it does work. Here are some awesome facts about OxyRub:

  • It has a nice smell but isn’t annoyingly strong like Icy Hot products
  • It only take a small amount to work
  • It does not burn or cause irritation (no redness)
  • Help dissolve arthritis, especially in knees and fingers
  • Helps relieve tense muscles
  • Its not greasy or messy
  • Works in minutes
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review
Ingredients and information on OxyRub Pain Relief Cream

How did you use OxyRub?

The first day I used OxyRub was on my knee. It was swollen and hurt to move. Some nights I cannot bend my leg without a cry-worthy pain. When I applied Oxy Rub, my knee felt better in about 3 minutes. I honestly thought it was too good to be true. I waited to see if the pain would subside and then return but it has not returned yet! The next morning, I woke up with a stiff neck. I has slept incorrectly during the night, causing it to stiffen. It hurt to move my neck for half the day. I thought it would go away on it’s own but it did not. Finally, I applied OxyRub. Within 5 minutes, I could turn my neck without pain. Today, I have used OxyRub twice. I used it on my back because I was experiencing back pain. My back pain dissolved in 10 minutes. Just now I paused from typing and applied it to my arm because it has tensed up from the position. The pain literally disappeared on contact! My father was complaining of back pain about an hour ago so I suggested he try the OxyRub Pain Relief Cream. He rubbed it on his back and told me it didn’t hurt anymore about 10 minutes later. I honestly think it’s a miracle product. Below are some pictures of my knees. Can you tell which one swells?

OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review
My swollen knee from Arthritis and other injuries. It is constantly swollen and in pain.
A Freckled Mess, my swollen knee, OxyRub
My other knee. Usually in pain but doesn’t swell like my left knee.
OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review
OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Tube

Would you recommend OxyRub to someone else and why?

Yes, I would recommend OxyRub Pain Relief Cream to anyone suffering from arthritis, back pain, swollen or tense muscles and body parts and injured tailbones. I have tried every type of pain relief product you can think and OxyRub has helped me more than anything. I can’t and won’t try to guarantee that it will work for everyone but I think it’s worth a shot. It worked for me and it can very well work for others. If you find yourself in search of relief or have tried every pain relief product on the market, you should give OxyRub a chance.

Try it at a Discounted Price

I know it sounds hard to believe, I wouldn’t believe it either if I had never tried it. That’s why I want you to try it! Healthy Directions has been kind enough to provide me with a discount code for all my readers. You can use this code on Amazon for 20% off your first purchase! It expires 12/31/15 so make sure to use this year 🙂


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Have you found any pain relief methods that work? Comment below!


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