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Bad Beauty Review: Lash Factory 300x Fiber Lash Mascara

FTC: I received this product for free to review on Amazon. I am not required to write a blog post, I am doing this because I want to inform consumers. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.

A few weeks ago I was emailed by “Hannah” from Lash Factory cosmetics. She inquired if I would like to review their fiber mascara. I agreed because I love makeup and had never tried fiber mascara. Before this email, I had never heard of Lash Factory Cosmetics.

If you’re an active instagrammer or makeup lover, I’m sure you have heard of Younique makeup. Here is a photo of what Younique’s fiber lash case and mascara look like:

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Review
Younique Fiber Lashes Case and mascara, photo from google. I do NOT own NOR take credit!

And here is a photo of Lash Factory’s mascara & case:

Coincidence? There’s a possibility.. I don’t know for a fact but a lot of people are saying Lash Factory ripped off Younique, both with packaging and product. Anywho, onto the actual review.

When I was approached to review the Lash Factory Fiber Lashes, I was excited. And then I received the product. The directions were confusing.

They said to apply your regular mascara. Wait, so I have to apply a third party product first? What’s the point of this product

Lash Factory 300x Fiber Lash Mascara Review
I took this photo myself. Lash Factory 300x Fiber Lash Mascara Review and Case.
Lash Factory 300x Fiber Lash Mascara Review
I took this photo myself. Lash Factory 300x Fiber Lash Mascara Review and Case.

then? I was baffled. They don’t even refer to their product as mascara on the packaging or tube! In my original Amazon review, I wrote that this product was not mascara and that it was very misleading.

  • it wasn’t referenced as mascara on the packaging or tube itself
  • I had to apply a third party mascara

What happened next? The owner emailed me! She was very unhappy and said that I was hurting her business by LYING and saying it was not mascara. She claimed to own a small business. TIP: More often then not, companies claim to own a small business as to make reviewers feel bad. No matter what, be honest.

Whether she owns a small business or not, I wasn’t going to feel bad. If the packaging doesn’t call the product mascara, I won’t either. By becoming a reviewer, I agreed to be honest and fair. I’m here to help consumers make smart decisions, not throw their money away.

Back to the product. When I applied the “mascara” and then the fiber “mascara” this is what my lashes looked like:

 Lash Factory 300X Fiber Lashes Mascara
You can see flakes ad clumping. Lash Factory 300X Fiber Lashes Mascara

as you can see, the fibers fell off onto my cheek. Every time I wiped, more fell. The product description actually emphasizes that it doesn’t flake.Uhm, no. I know you might think that I applied to much but I kept apply until you could tell that there were fibers. Aside from that, I could not leave the “mascara” on longer than five minutes because it causes a GREAT irritation to my eyes. My eyes started to water and itch SO bad. It was also challenging to remove. It doesn’t claim to be waterproof but it seemed to be while I was attempting to remove it.

I do not, by any means, have sensitive eyes. My eyes improve every year (according to my eye doctor) and I get Pond’s Cold Cleanser in my eye ALL the time by accident while removing makeup. Never bothers me. But this “mascara” is terrible.

Overall, here is what I didn’t like:

  • flakes (even though they claim it wont)
  • won’t wash off easily (even though they claim it will)
  • smells bad
  • directions say don’t apply to bottom eyelashes (real safe mascara wouldn’t say this)
  • caused an unbearable eye irritation
  • costs way more than it’s value
  • owner was unhappy after asking me to write an honest review. Uhm, no. Here’s you honesty 🙂
  • it clumps (much easier than any other brand i’ve used)
Lash Factory 300X Fiber Lashes Mascara
You can see the flakes in this photo. Lash Factory 300X 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

Do you recommend Lash Factory Fiber Mascara?

No, I absolutely do NOT recommend this product to ANYONE. It is the worst eye makeup I have ever used. If you have money, RUN. It it is NO way worth $20! Get a couple E.l.f. mascaras or just ANYTHING but not this sorry excuse for makeup. If you have sensitive eyes, this is going to be a terrible nightmare for you.

Because the seller complained about my first Amazon review, I wrote a new one. The first review I gave 4 stars but now I gave 3 stars for the second one. The only reason it didn’t get one star was because

  • I actually did like the way it LOOKED

I’m not saying don’t try Fiber Lashes, I’m saying don’t try the Lash Factory Fiber Lashes. You’ll waste $20 and you could buy much better makeup for $20! But if you DO want to try them, click here to visit the Amazon page

What do you think? Let’s talk on twitter, facebook or instagram! I promise to reply! Follow me and ask for a follow back & you shall receive! I will be doing a giveaway once I reach 100 likes on the new facebook page! Stay updated on freebies, giveaways and reviews!

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What do you think about Lash Factory? Have you/will you try this product below?


8 thoughts on “Bad Beauty Review: Lash Factory 300x Fiber Lash Mascara

  1. I feel you may have pulled a lot of negatives out of an innovative product. I agree about the flakes and I agree at first your eyes are very sensitive . What I would like to say positive about the the product (like younique) it emphasizes your eye lashes almost like wearing false ones. This would be for a person that has full eye lashes longer (natural) . The product takes a bit of work to master like both. The flakes eventually stop flaking a lot after you figure out how to master it on your eyes. Now I think a base coat of your normal mascara is applied simply for two reasons , save the actual product from being used too quickly 2. It allows a better base build for the true ending results. I think the reason they recommend only on the top of the lashes is prob because of such a dramatic result it may look silly on most. Overall I think your eyes have a great coulour and I feel you would benefit from the product if you can get past the sensitivity. Some how my eyes got use to the product and seems to work well with the type of lashes I have.


    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback CK. While I do agree that this product is an innovative one, I was only writing what I experienced, which was negative. I started this blog not for freebies but because I want to review products and provide real feedback. Although, it has to be noted that products can be different for everyone. I have never had sensitive eyes so I was shocked by my body’s response to this product.

      Thank you for your feedback! Maybe it will help another person 🙂


  2. I am a little surprised. I happen to have very sensitive eyes. I haven’t worn any mascara in a few years except for special occasions. My eyes always itched and my lashes have seemed to disappear over the years. I have tried many different products and have recently bought fake lashes. But before I tried them I did see this product on Amazon and figured it was worth a try. I actually love it. There are two wands and the first one is put on first. (That is the long one) then you use the shorter wand. That was a little strange. It is a little different . It actually has the fibers on it and you should be careful not to apply to much. You then re apply the long wand. This seals the fibers in place. I found this product to be really great and made my lashes look good again. I had absolutely no itching and it came off so easily. I even slept with it and found no black on my pillow or under my eyes. I really needed to respond to this because my experience was so different. I will admit that I did get a small amount of fibers that fell on my cheek but it was only when I was applying the fibers and I felt I had too much on the wand. I was able to control it better as I used it more and got used to it but I am definitely going to purchase this product again


    1. I’m glad that you had a great experience. Product experiences are different for every person. Awesome that it worked for you, but it didn’t work for me. I did go back and try it again and followed all advice I received and made sure to follow the directions: just like i did the first time. But still, I had another negative experience.

      Adding to my negative experience is the fact the the seller had the audacity to complain about my four star review the first time. I make it very clear that I review products based on the experience I have. If a seller is not okay with that, they should find an immoral reviewer who will give them five stars no matter what. I am honest and will not give someone a five star review when I don’t think it deserves that.

      The reason I don’t recommend this product is not just about my experience with it but also because of how the seller acted.

      I’m very happy for you that you had a great experience. Thank you for your feedback and comment! 🙂


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