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Xbox One Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50x Gaming Headset

Note: I did NOT receive this product for free or at a discount. I bought this full price on my own because I needed a new headset for gaming. I am doing this review to provide information for other consumers.

Disclaimer: I am using Amazon affiliate links. If you do decide to buy this product, the small amount of commission will help me pay for this blog and keep doing reviews to help others. If not, I completely understand. Either way, I hope this post helps you make a decision that’s right for you. The links to Turtle Beach and Best Buy are NOT affiliate links. 

UPDATE: 4/15/2017. I still use these and they still work great! 🙂 Been over a year.

For three years, I used a different Turtle Beach headset. It was $60, had a tooooon of cords that constantly got tangles (which lead to it’s demise) but it was not a bad headset. I got it a few months after I started gaming with my Xbox 360.

But, the tangled cords sucked and pulled the wires to the point where they would not work. Now, I have a new Turtle Beach headset and I am playing on Xbox One. Onto the review!

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50x
Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50x


  • Color: green
  • Brand: Turtle Beach
  • 40mm Neodymium speakers
  • Over-the-ear with synthetic leather
  • Noise isolation (I love this)
  • In-line remote to adjust sound and mute
  • Lightweight

Being the poor college student I am, I had to find an affordable gaming headset that could offer me:

  • Minimum cordage (is that a word?)
  • The ability to hear footsteps in Call Of Duty
  • A price less than $50
  • A brand that I trusted
  • Comfortable fit

Naturally, I looked to Amazon first. I started researching gaming headsets and stumbled upon the Recon 50x ones. After reading a lot of reviews and checking the price elsewhere, I decided to purchase them from Amazon. I have two-day shipping so that was a plus.

The current price is $30.99. View the product here. If I remember correctly, the price i paid was around $29 but I could be wrong.


  • Only ONE cord! The sole cord plugs directly into the Xbox One controller (or the adapter if you have the older controller version like me) This is great because I can sit on my lofted bed in my dorm and I don’t have any problems from the cord being plugged into the TV. This is also a plus because there are no wires to get tangled and pulled apart like my last Turtle Beach headset.
  • I can hear everything! I can hear the footsteps of my enemies (and loud teammates who don’t use dead silence) in Black Ops 3. I can watch Netflix without bothering my roommate. Of course, I can hear all kinds of sounds in my other games too! With my last headset, I was not able to hear footsteps or in-game sounds because I was missing some adapter I needed for my Xbox 360. With this headset, I don’t have to worry about an adapter or anything. This is my favorite feature.
Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50x
Easily change the volume level and mute your mic
  • The price is low. Compared to other headsets of equal/greater quality, this headset is a cheap price (but not cheap itself). I have a job but when I bought this headset, I did not so I was using what little money I had. Even now, it’s less than $50.
  • A brand that I trust. Since my previous gaming headset was Turtle Beach, I trust this brand. If you’re a casual gamer, I would definitely recommend Turtle Beach. While this headset isn’t nearly as expensive as the Astros my boyfriend (he’s a serious gamer) has, Turtle Beach does make more expensive headsets also, that meet Astros price and with similar quality.
  • Comfortable fit. This headset is very comfortable with cushioning over the ear pieces. But occasionally, it hasn’t happened but twice in 4-5 months, the headset pushes against my glasses which cause my outside, upper earlobe to ache a little. It’s not really that bad and once I adjust the headset, it’s perfectly fine. But I did want to put that in there in case any of you wear glasses.
  • Detachable microphone. I did not have a preference as to whether or not the microphone came off but it does on the Recon 50x. My last headset did not have a detachable microphone but I like it. I can eat my snacks without food getting on the microphone. I used to be a very social gamer but lately I don’t chat much so I like being able to take it out.The microphone is stiff at first and I was scared to break it but once you bend it, it’s fine.
  • Comes with a free sticker.  I know this isn’t really important to most people but I love when companies give out free stickers, I collect them!
Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50x
Free sticker!


  • The glasses issue. I mentioned above a second ago. This really isn’t that big of a deal, if I happens a lot then I would be concerned but only twice doesn’t bother me. And it’s an easy fix.
  • Controller problem. Recently, I bought a wired controller from Game Stop. This is a newer version so it doesn’t need the adapter. The headset was working fine with the controller but randomly it stopped projecting sound. I honesty don’t know if it’s the controller or the headset but I am leaning toward the controller. The headset works perfect in my wireless controller that came with the Xbox. I just thought I would note it in case you have this controller.


Get to know me:

Comments! What did you like about my post? What gaming headset do you use? Do you have an Xbox one? Let me know 🙂

Is there a gaming product you want me to review? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!


4 thoughts on “Xbox One Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50x Gaming Headset

  1. Omg this is awesome! My dad said we might get this headset today and boy, oh boy, am I excited! I didn’t really no much about it but I have a turtle beach headset from my 360 that works with my Xbox one, all the wire stuff was gone(that’s a relief) but the only problem was that I couldn’t mute my mic or lower or raise the volume by hand I had to go down to settings in the hot bar! And it just broke XD but this headset sounds AMAZING thank you so much for the review it helped a lot!


    1. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! I love this headseat still and use it all the time. I do have one problem with, the wire is bunched up. But it hasn’t caused any problems with the headset and chat. I would just recommend careful storing, I’m pretty lazy about storing mine!


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